Beam Upgrading


Upgrading a timber beam or floor requires an improvement in:

- Its ability to sustain a safe working load

- Its ability to accept deflection in bend

Our methods use a Structural Epoxy Pouring Resin to act as the method of transferring the load between timber and steel, rather than the traditional method, which uses a flat steel plate in a slot, known as a 'Flitch Plate' secured with bolts and nuts. In a traditional 'flitch' the bolts transfer the load - this is far less satisfactory than the uniform contact provide by epoxy resin.

For ease of installation the ultimate in modified flitch design is the use of standard reinforcing steel bars (high tensile 'rebar') individually placed on spacers into the slot, surrounded by and bonded to the timber with Structural Epoxy Pouring Resin.

The advantage of this design is the greatly reduced weight of individual bars and ease of handling compared with a solid steel flitch plate (on a typical 6 metre span a flitch plate could weigh 300 kgs). The slot can also be cut to far lower tolerances, because the resin will take out all the gaps. There are no issues with drilling large holes through steel and no need for mechanical handling lifts (block and tackle) to lift the Flitch Plate - always a problem with solid steel.

Step by Step - to upgrade a timber beam


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