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Most damaged wooden structures can be repaired with minimal disturbance - these include joists, lintels, tie-beams, rafters, bressumers, wall plates, posts, wind turbine blades, flag poles, glulam beams. For more information about Property Repair Systems Structural Timber Resin Repairs see references.

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Timber-Resin Splice - fit new beam end or mid-sections without disturbing the building - complete made to measure Kits


Rotted ends in the wall or mid-sections, in beams, rafters,joists & plates - solution: Timber-Resin Splice - Patented TRS method

Holes and voids - solution: Filling & Longitudinal Dowel Fixing - Strength upgrade method

Splits along the grain - solution: Filling, Cross Grain Dowel Fixing, Crack Injection - Shakes & Splits method

Bowed, sagging or cracked through beams - solution: Beam Upgrading - Strength upgrade method

Rotted ends in the wall, but very restricted access - solution: Poured Epoxy Resin - Shutter box methods

Rot in frames & posts - solution: Filling and Dowel Fixing - Timber frame repair methods

Rot and insect attack - solution: Drill and Inject - Boron treatment methods

Need to prove the strength of a repair? - solution: our same day Design & Calculation service

Need to prove the strength of a part of the building? - solution: our Independent Engineer

Want to use a Specialist Contractor for a repair - solution: call us for our Independent Contractor list

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Timber Repair Shop - repair materials for joists and beams

Joist Repair Shop - repair plates and splices for joists

Resins Shop - epoxies, polyesters and polyurethanes for building repairs


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